With Wings to Fly [Con alas pa´ volar]

“We all have a new opportunity. A healthy family represents a healthy nation.”

Katherine Palma & Fabio Nieves, protagonists

Katherine Palma & Fabio Nieves, protagonists


“Love never fails” is the phrase that identifies the contents of the new Ecuadorian film production “With Wings to Fly” [Con alas pa´ volar].

A dream come true is what the creators of this dramatic comedy genre work feel. After two years of hard work, Executive Producer Byron Liger and Director Alex Jácome along with a select group of producers and actors are now sharing with the Ecuadorian community this feature film, whose main purpose is to reach the heart of families, especially those who are experiencing such critical situations as separation or even divorce and as a consequence, their children are the ones who suffer most.

Current rates of divorce in the world are alarming. Just a few examples are 61% in Spain, 56% in Cuba, 53% in the United States, 27% in Panama, 20% in Ecuador and 36% in South Korea.[1] These rates are troubling and do not even take into account statistics regarding free unions which are also increasing. All of this is a reflection of a broken society and of families in which there is no commitment and where children suffer from a lack of emotional stability.

With the star participation of well-known Ecuadorian artists such as 11-year-old Felipe Centeno, Fabio

Arturo Allen & Alex Jácome - Premiere in Quito

Arturo Allen & Alex Jácome – Premiere in Quito

Nieves and Katherine Palma, and producer, scriptwriter and Mexican actor Arturo Allen plus a large group of Ecuadorian actors, the storyline of this film develops through the lens of 11-year-old Tito dealing with his parents’ separation. He desperately seeks refuge in his teacher, Mr. González, who does not hesitate to give him opportune advice. Nevertheless, in the imagination of this small boy, and as Arturo Allen who plays the part of Mr. González says, “He begins to twist what the teacher tells him and he starts getting crazy and mischievous ideas in order to try to keep his parents together.”

Amidst laughter, tears and suspense, the message of this film basically highlights three marvelous non-negotiable principles: love is not a feeling, it is necessary to forgive and know that God can restore a person, and especially that He can restore families. In Byron Liger’s view: “We all have a new opportunity. A healthy family represents a healthy nation.”



“With Wings to Fly” [Con alas pa´ volar] will be released in Ecuador on August 19 nationwide. There is much expectation within the country, and that is not all. Its producers have an even greater dream of taking this feature film to the big screen of Latin American theaters and beyond. This is a film that entertains and will make you laugh and cry all at the same time, but most importantly, it is a film whose message will penetrate your heart no matter what your marital state is. “With Wings to Fly” [Con alas pa´ volar] is full of inspiration, hope and a promise of transformation.




[1] http://records.com/countries-with-the-highest-divorce-rates

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divorce_demography

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